Willkommen, Välkommen, or Welcome

MSU Bioystems and Agricultural Engineering

Hallo, Hallå or Hello,

May 19, 2012

After 8 hours of overnight flight from Detroit or Chicago accounting for 4,000 miles and meeting Maureen who met the group by train, we are  now all safe in Frankfurt, Germany.

Anaerobic Digester - Bauer Farm

First official Sparty photo in Germany outside the Bauer Farm Anaerobic Digesters.

Welcome to the MSU Renewable Bioenergy Systems in Germany and Sweden Study Abroad 2012.

Follow this blog as we travel across Germany (Frankfurt and Munich areas) and Sweden (Stockholm and Lulea areas) learning about renewable bioenergy systems from May 19 – June 5, 2012.

On the right side of the blog screen, you will see pages about the program.   Click on the individual pages, to view the blog for locations and topics.   Students will be updating the posts and pages during their travels.  If you subscribe to the blog, you will receive an email when the blog is updated.  Despite this reminder, you might want to check back regularly, as we add pictures and comments all the time. Please also note that your first comment must be approved by an instructor before it will post. After that time, you can post comments without an approval.

Thank you and enjoy your virtual travel with us.

We also invite you to visit our program website at: https:\\www.msu.edu\course\be\475\sweden.


2 responses to “Willkommen, Välkommen, or Welcome

  1. That’s a pretty spartan group! No pun intended.

  2. Gwen DiFranco

    Go… have fun and keep making the world a better place. Be encouraged you Green Spartan individuals!

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